The Mind Reading Trick In Your Relationship

The Mind Reading Trick In Your Relationship

What if some woman had the ability to read a guy’s mind and find out whether or not he wants to be in a relationship with her? How is she supposed to know that without asking him? How does she know if he’s just looking for a casual sexual relationship? For sure, knowing the answers to those questions would save her a lot of time and from a potential heartbreak. Well, if you are a singly lady then your dreams have just became true because with this simple mind reading trick you’ll be able to find out if a guy wants a relationship or not.

The mind reading trick of contact
Does he call you fairly often? If he calls you on a daily basis or sends you emails and text regularly just to talk and chat to you, well then he’s crazy about you.

Is he calling you on an occasional basis and you are starting to get that feeling that you were the last number on his list? If yes, then he simply isn’t the right guy for you. And now that you know that you can just move onto other possibilities.

The mind reading trick of dates
Are you the one taking the lead of dates? Are you the one that likes to call him and then you end up waiting for him to make a decision? Even a TV mind reader can tell you that this type of relationship isn’t meant to last long.

However, if he’s the initiator of the date and he just goes his way to have some fun with you and you both have exciting dates, then the fates are on your side! He simply enjoys being around you so you shouldn’t be surprised if he starts out planning some events that are far out and he’s already made his mind up that you’ll be around for quite some time. It’s really good learning about a guy’s feelings towards you with just a simple mind reading trick.

The mind-reading-trick of sex
In case you are already having sex with your boyfriend, it’s probably time for you to take a break. Just tell him that you’d like to focus on your emotional connection more. If he tries giving you a hard time and threatening to dump you, then you should let the door hit him on the way out of your place. He was just a jerk and the right guy is still out there for you.

And who is that? A guy that isn’t upset about not having sex. And in fact, he may even suggest the same sex break just because he wants to get to know you better. And that is the kind of guy who is a keeper.

You now see how much is possible for you to learn about him without even having to bother asking questions. And by using these few mind reading tricks, you are easily able to find out if a guy is ready for a relationship or not.

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