Freaky Mind Reading Tricks

Freaky Mind Reading Tricks

Everyone wants to be a mind reader and confound others with their freaking mind reading tricks. But one thing that you must always know, before we go on sharing some of the tricks with you is, that there is nothing supernatural involved in them, contrary to the common belief. It is purely a game of mathematics, probability, psychology and cynicism. If you are good at calculations, you understand human psychology, you can use it to disillusion others and act as if you are reading their minds. That is why they are called tricks and not magic.

Most mind reading tricks involve mathematics and so you should be good at it. To start with, there is a very basic trick involving numbers. Ask somebody to choose a two digit number. Once he has chosen, ask him to add both digits up and subtract the sum from the original number that he had assumed. Then show him a chart on which different signs are made with different numbers. The sign that you tell him will always be the one that appears with the resulting number of his calculation.

So how does it happen? It is simple mathematics. If a two digit number is AB, it can always be expressed as:
10A + B
And the final number that one gets as a result of the calculations is:
10A + B – (A + B) which is equal to 9A

So whatever number you choose, your result can only be one of the nine multiples of 9 namely 9, 18, 27, 36, 45, 54, 63, 72 or 81. You have different signs attached with all other numbers on the chart that you show to your subject but the symbol is same with all these numbers. So it does not really matter what number he chooses, he will always end up getting the same symbol and you know it every time.

Another mind reading trick is that you ask 10 people to call out different celebrity names aloud. You write them down on different chits and wrap them and throw them in a hat. At the end you call out a stranger randomly to pick out one chit and you tell what name is on it to amaze everyone.

The trick behind this is that you only write one name on all the chits and so whatever chit the stranger picks up, you already know it. Be sure, however, to waste all other chits to save anyone from knowing what your mind reading trick really is.

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