A Mind Reading Trick Or Two

A Mind Reading Trick Or Two

You can be a good mind reader even if you are not naturally gifted with ESP. You need to be aware of one thing, to become a good mind reader; all you need are great observation skills.

Why are mind reading tricks important? Mind reading tricks enable a person to know what’s on other people’s mind which can be very helpful in making important decisions such as starting a partnership, making or closing a deal. In short, mind tricks can be very effective in starting or ending a relationship.

Worried because you don’t have ESP? No need to worry anymore because this articles provides you with a number a mind reading tricks whether you are naturally gifted with ESP or not. Let’s talk about the tricks.

1. Enlarged pupils
This mind reading trick is purely based upon this one observation; while speaking with others, you need to notice their pupils. If their pupils are wide and enlarged, it would indicate that they are actually interested in listening to you what you are saying. Hence, you can continue telling what you have to say. On the other hand, if you feel that their pupil are shrunken, you obviously don’t have their attention.

2. How close you are to others
You can read the minds of your close friends easily. When you say that you know someone very well, it implies that you know the personality of that particular person well. You also know their hobbies, likes and dislikes of that person. All of these basic things play a key role in using mind reading tricks with people you know. They are not tricks per se but they give you an insight into what they may be thinking.

3. Priming People
This is yet another very effective mind reading trick to get around ESP. Priming is an act of affecting others’ ideas and thinking by different means. It also helps you to have an idea, in advance, about what other people are going to say or do. For example, if you drill someone on the topic of Chinese foods and ask them what type of restaurants they usually go to, they would most probably include Chinese restaurant in their answer.

What makes these mind reading tricks truly great is the fact that you no more need to be gifted with ESP. If you doubt whether the above mentioned mind reading tricks actually work or not, just try applying them in real life and find out how effective and amazing they actually are.

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